our natural hair journey pt.1

I began a series on natural hair where I asked Black women to give their testimonies as freely as they desired. Here are the first few. Comment your feelings. Share you thoughts:


1.“My mother made me get a perm when I was in first grade. Yes, you read that correctly. From then up until senior year of high school I maintained shoulder length hair that had a nice thickness to it. Freshman year of college I started wearing weaves and one day that year I used a box perm on my hair and half of my hair fell out, I was devastated. But I continued to wear weave for about 4 more years. Then two summers ago, I just decided to shave it all off and start fresh. I grew it out, shaved it again last December and decided to let it grow out since then. My hair is flourishing so much and I can’t keep my hands out of it because of how thick it is. I am wearing protective styles but no weaves, just braids and twists. It took a while to embrace my natural hair because weave and perm was all I knew but once I did, I didn’t look back.”

2.“Well it started for me when my mom told me that she was going natural. She shaved her head and come home one day and said “I finally did it!” I was honestly mad at that she did it but she’s never looked more beautiful than she did with a buzz cut. Then her hair started growing and watching her go through that whole process made me want to go natural. I transitioned until I was ok with the length and then I cut off the permed ends. My mom has been natural going on 1 year and a half and I’ve only been natural for 10 months and it’s honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself.”

3.“My mom is Puerto Rican but she has European features (she got type 2 hair) and my father is black so I was granted with type 4a hair. She didn’t know what to do with it, so I got a perm in the fifth grad. I kept straightening it everyday because the other girls made fun of me for how thick my hair was. My hair smelled burnt and it wouldn’t curl up when it got wet.
It wasn’t until Junior year of high school where I realized my black is beautiful and I started getting box braids and sew ins. And now its back to it’s natural curl pattern and it stretches to my shoulders.”

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