“if you kill, you will die”

this is right around the corner from where one of my classmates was killed on Joseph E. Boone Boulevard. he didn’t kill anyone. I don’t know what happened. if I did, what would I do with that? place it into this collective memory that so many will never care to access even those around me? I hate that this is becoming an integral piece of our narrative.

I hate that killing has become a part of the backdrop of our community as we fall apart. I hate that if you continue down Boone you run into downtown Atlanta, you pass the Georgia Dome and the Georgia World Congress Center. you see all of the investments that are being made right outside of our community because no one cares about our side.

reporters aren’t even invested in telling this story.

the only ones who are invested are the ones that want to see us self-destruct.

so what happens when it all gets cleaned up after everyone sells their homes so that these people can just swoop in and help us to become forgotten?

what happens when all of these memorials are put up but destroyed by demolition and gentrification?

what happens when our children can’t even revisit the home of their parents because it can no longer be claimed by people that look like us?

but as the killing keeps on happening, less of us will be able to tell the tragic stories and joyful tales of the past of the westside.

if we aren’t here to tell our stories, who will?

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